Public submissions now closed


On 9 May 2012, the Arms Procurement Commission invited all interested parties to make submissions in respect of all its Terms of Reference. The public submissions to the Commission are now closed. However, the Chairperson has discretion to consider submissions made after the closing date. The Commission is now embarking on the second phase of its work, which is to analyze the submissions and documentation it has received from government departments, chapter 9 institutions, private entities and interested parties.

 From the submissions and documentation, the Commission will identify issues that need to be further investigated and conduct the necessary private investigations, both internally and outside of South Africa. It will interview potential witnesses and compile a list of witnesses. In short, the Commission will be laying the ground work for the public hearings, a process that is expected to run until the end of the year. It is anticipated that the public hearings will start in the first quarter of 2013.

Issued by
William Baloyi
Spokesperson for the Commission
Contact: 078095 9477 or 012 358 3999
01 August 2012